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That’s why our experts will help you make informed decisions and implement a tailored health and wellbeing strategy or initiative that will benefit both you and your employees. Services include health benefit design, benefit utilisation and claims analytics. Our survey and analytics tools, such as BWell, allow us to help you assess trends, hotspots and recurring issues within your organisation. These insights can then be addressed as part of your health & wellbeing strategy with the ultimate goal of improving the overall wellbeing of your employees but also increasing the performance of your organisation with a tangible return on investment.

Beyond mental and physical health, financial wellbeing is an increasingly expected component of wellbeing packages for many employees. Our consultants can help you review your overall benefit strategy and advise on financial wellbeing initiatives to keep your offering competitive. We can also support you with tailored financial education sessions for employees to help them plan for retirement, make the most of their benefit plans and understand the choices available to them.